Toasted Breads

BANANA bread



Toasted Sour dough and in house made jam


In-house toasted muesli

In-house toasted MUESLI w Evia yoghurt & fruit compote


Organic whole oat PORRIDGE

Organic whole oat PORRIDGE with one our delicious compote and toasted seeds and nuts. With cold pressed almond milk add $3 and with soy add $2


Smashed Avo

Slow cooked cherry tomatoes, dukah & basil on toasted sourdough ADD Meredith goats cheese $5 ADD Poached Egg $3 each


F.A.T Brekkie

Greek Dadoni feta, fresh avocado, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, poached eggs & toasted quinoa


Spanish Omelette

Green peppers, chorizo, potato, cherry tomato omelette, rocket and manchego cheese salad and aioli


Mushroom Brekkie

Mixed mushrooms, poached eggs, big leaf rocket, truffle oil & parmesan


Haloumi Roll

Chargrilled haloumi and egg with fresh spinach, tomato & smashed avo on a toasted milk bun


B & E Roll

Toasted milk bun w Black Forest bacon & egg w BBQ sauce DOUBLE UP double egg, double bacon $12



Chargrilled chorizo and egg with house made tomato relish on a toasted milk bun DOUBLE UP double egg + cheese $13



Poached, scrambled or grilled eggs served with sour dough toast



Nonie’s Gluten Free toast $2 Extra Egg $2.50 Bacon $4.50 Chorizo $4.50 Mushrooms $4 Roasted toms $4 Avocado $4 Haloumi $4.50 Feta $4.50 House made Jam $1

Chilli Scrambled

Scrambled eggs with house made chilli oil


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